How We Helped A Reputed Edtech Company To Build A Unique Mobile Platform?


Our client possesses a delightful Edtech versatile application that brings the students and mentors under a solitary rooftop.

They required a profoundly captivating Mobile App that impeccably features the large number of subjects and exercises as well as arrangement for students to enter their progress` data for mentors to keep tabs on their development with striking designs and simple route.

They believed that we should deal with their natural traffic age and development (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) administrations notwithstanding site improvement and support.

They needed speedy stacking pages and a decent application design to further develop indexability and SEO rankings.

Key Challenges

Remembering that the Mobile App will serve the students for their advantage, an application was expected to feature the wide assortment and scope of subjects and exercises.

The application was expected to be responsive and have a decent navigation. Likewise, it ought to have the adaptability to run on Android as well as Windows to offer a consistent client experience.

It was normal that the application would hold a profoundly particular search feature that would assist the students with rapidly fetching the information on a specific subject.

It was likewise expected that the students get every detail on a specific subject on a similar application without bouncing around various applications.

According to the business viewpoint, a decent application in every case needs an administrator board to let the superuser(s) deal with every one of the items, pages, and blogs of the application.


We began with the 'Goal Understanding' point, in which we talked about and recorded every one of the necessities of the client regarding every prerequisite. Somewhere else, the plan group started with the UI model advancement for the landing page in the wake of having the complete determinations characterized by the client.

When the wire-edges and representations were created, it was imparted to the client for their input. Further, we assessed the determinations and characterized the assets, innovation, and cycles that we will require for the execution of the undertaking. We have utilized Iconic and Node and Angularjs for the Mobile App Front End and the Web Based Backend separately. For the database, we have picked MongoDB as a result of its huge versatility, accessibility, and execution at a less expensive rate. Linux's general similarity has caused us to pick it as Server OS.

The Mobile Application was designed to support three different users though inter-related :

  • The students- The students need to register themselves using details like full name, date of birth, dispatch id, etc to take full advantage of the operation.
  • The Mentors- The Mentors also need to login using the id and passcode handed by the admin.
  • The Admin- The admin is solely responsible for the operation of the entire mobile operation.

Mobile operations also need to be tested against security threats, just like web operations, and we've introduced security throughout the whole development of life- cycle. High- Risk examination of operation vestiges similar as security conditions, secure development norms, and specific operation specifications to insure security has been enforced throughout the development life- cycle of the mobile operation that would enable the identification of the loopholes in the proposed design and suggest effective countermeasures to alleviate pitfalls. We've enforced a comprehensive trouble assessment on STRIDE focused methodology to determine data overflows and examine entry and exit points in the operation, exposing openings to lessen security controls and also recommend measures to reduce pitfalls and vulnerabilities. From the perspective of an end user, we've also tested the security of the mobile device to determine if the mobile device could allow nonpublic data leakage, denial of service, or other attacks. We stuck to the SEO norms rigorously for app pace and kept it below the position for the affiliated SEO benefits. We frequently took special caution in developing the UI to give consumers with an outstanding interface when visiting the app.