The $72 million teeter-totter ride to save the business.


Our client is an innovator in the web-based binary options choices industry prestigious for having the quickest payout handling times and for giving top-notch client assistance one can trust.

Our client is an innovator in the web-based binary options choices industry prestigious for having the quickest payout handling times and for giving top notch client assistance one can trust.

Unsatisfied with the current service provider and they chose to partner with us to keep up with their binary options trading application for better administrations at lesser expenses.

We gave them a start to finish arrangement including web development, application development, code marking, database, and server upkeep.

The project emerged to be exceptionally complicated and basic as the application takes input information from different sources like the IDC, and from various resources like the FOREX which incorporates a mix of every significant currencies and from commodities like Gold, Silver, and Oil. This multitude of information is dynamic and continues to change progressively.

With 2 million clients internationally there is no edge for mistakes.

The clients ought to have the freedom to choose a customized web address, choose themes and formats of their decision.

Key Challenges

We got the handover from the past specialist organization with just a general graph of the network. There were no top to bottom data on the server network structure, the area of the servers and their count.

The goal was to keep the application omit any trace of any game slack which could hurt the business.

Not long after the project started, the client affirmed that the paired information was not streaming into the application framework. To fix the issue, we attempted to restart the administrations utilizing Jenkins, an automation software, used for ceaseless reconciliation of each and every coding deployed on the site.

In any case, causing us a deep sense of shock, we found that the automation software records were absent and no backup document could be found in the Docker content to run Jenkins. It occurred because of harm to the actual server.


As an answer for handle the project, we encouraged the client to recruit a committed group of project managers and engineers. With this model, cost of employing for the client was decreased to half. Because of the failure, the client was confronting outrageous strain from the clients end. We had almost no data on what were the services defined in Jenkins and without this data it was unrealistic to continue the information stream once again into the application. This was a significant danger.

The client became restless as stoppage in the progression of information would prompt loss in the count of clients and eventually losing their business. The project was very difficult and there was no time to spare. The whole construction of the server was required to have been found to fix the issue. We expected to figure out the areas and the actual number of physical and virtual servers. The team stretched the boundaries to work relentless for the following three weeks including after working hours and weekends. We furnished them with an on request specialized mastery requiring even under 90 days of work and backing. They were well versed in Ruby on PostgreSQL, Redis, Docker, Go, Rails, Jenkins, Grafana, Relay, Refinery, IT Ansible, and so on. Anytime, they didn't have to employ any designer on a full time premise. The engaged and capable endeavors by the assets for ceaseless three weeks assisted with finding the physical servers,the 2 firewall servers and 31 virtual servers. We then, at that point, resolved the whole server structure and gained top to bottom data on the cycle and grouping of information stream among the servers and investigated the issue. Without a doubt, the client celebrated as we surpassed their assumptions to help save and balance out their business, and that too at a half price. Local full-time recruiting would have cost them twofold than the devoted employing model. Furthermore, this by all means ended up being an extraordinary accomplishment for our client.