Why a company hired us 5 years ago and is still with us?


Our client is a Digital Agency situated in Canada. They offer top-notch services at serious costs.

The administrations they offer incorporate Web Hosting and Design, Hardware, and Software Sales and Service, Networking Configurations and Support, and so forth.

They needed to employ proficient remote engineers at sensible expenses for their client's assignment.

Additionally, they were hoping to test the abilities of the designers preceding giving over the work because of the degree of intricacy of the assignment.

Key Challenges

We were just a minuscule organization then with only 3 representatives onboard and they were at first hoping to employ a remote website designer from us.

Additionally, they had clients who were exceptionally rigid about the nature of work and conveyance courses of events.

Thus, with the restricted assets we had, the undertaking was required to have been conveyed exactly on schedule with practically no split the difference in the nature of work.


In the first place, our client mentioned a free trial prior to recruiting a remote website designer from us for one of their ventures. Thus, we helped them with the 7 working days Risk-Free trial to test the degree of abilities of our assets.

They were a little organization and they had financial plan imperatives, so the remote website designer was an ideal fit for their prerequisite. We were a small beginning up and it was an excellent chance for us to exhibit our abilities and potential. Subsequently, we utilized the open door and conveyed the venture well inside the timetables keeping up with excellent principles. After we conveyed the venture effectively, they were dazzled with the degree of value we conveyed, and the clearness in correspondence we kept up with all through the plan and improvement process. They chose to broaden their association with us by recruiting distant developers for dealing with an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) project for one of their client. EMR projects are basic and request profoundly skilled assets. Thus, we gave them profoundly talented, experienced, proficient and devoted assets to assist them with delivering good administrations to their clients. With our exceptionally gifted designers and developers they increased their group for the EMR project and effectively took care of the task for quite a long time. In any case, some time ago our client expected to downsize their group because of spending plan requirements. In this way, we helped them by moving from devoted recruiting to our on-request employing administrations which let them employee assets as and when they required and assisted them with reducing down repetitive expenses. Later on when they acquired steadiness and moderateness as far as their business, they requested that we increase their advancement group once more and we did that rapidly with next to no issues with our adaptable recruiting choices. We were both little organizations when we began working, and afterward we became together. Through all high points and low points, we generally satisfied our client's assumptions, and this caused our organization to develop further. With our adaptable employing models we made it simple for the client to increase assets and down at their call. Additionally, with our remote recruiting choices, we assisted them with reducing their improvement expenses somewhere near 70%. Our administrations assisted them with working on their primary concern as well as gain more business with the top notch conveyance guidelines and let them center more around their key capabilities.